Dream On


The Bible is full of dreamers! They were men of God whose faith gave them great vision. God gave these men a dream of what could be done in His power.

Paul’s dream took him from city to city preaching the gospel and planting churches. Caleb, even in his old age still dreamed of conquering the mountain God promised him. David dreamed of building a temple for God. Although God did not allow David to carry this out, David was able to pass this dream to his son and pave the way for Solomon to build the temple. Nehemiah’s dream came from a burden for his broken-down homeland a dream to see it restored to its former strength and glory. Moses dreamed for the people God gave him to lead even when they often had no dream for themselves. Joshua’s dream was fulfilled when he led God’s people into Canaan.

Where are the dreamers of our generation who dare to dream of what God could do in and through them? Where are the young men who dream of pastoring a church? Where are the young people who dream of crossing the seas and bringing the gospel to foreign soil? Where are the parents who dream of raising a family for God? Where are the Christians who dream of being used to lead lost souls to Christ? I fear that our generation has lost its vision, and faith to dream big dreams.

Of all the dreamers in the Bible the one that stands out the most is Joseph. Joseph was not afraid to dream big for God and because of that God used Joseph in a great way.

Notice three things about Joseph’s dream. (If you are not familiar with the story take time to read Genesis 37-42)

1. His dream was from God
The dream Joseph had was not a dream of his own. It was a dream that had been given to him by God. The world is full of those dreaming for themselves but where are those who will dare to dream for God? Where are those who would dream not of fortune or fame but rather of an eternal work for God?

Every day 151,600 people die. How many of them will spend eternity in hell because no one reached them with the gospel? Who will dream of making a difference in others’ lives for God? Instead of asking God not to send us, why don’t we beg Him to give us a dream and send us to the untold millions?

2. His dream required faith
Joseph’s dream was humanly impossible; it required great faith. He dreamed that his family was bowing down to him – he was the second youngest of twelve and his older brothers hated him. Any dream given to us by God is a dream that will require faith in God to see it fulfilled.

This world does not need to see what you and I can accomplish but rather what God can accomplish through us. A dream from God is a dream that requires us to trust God to see it accomplished knowing we are not capable on our own.

3. His dream was fiercely fought
Joseph did not see his dream fulfilled until many years later after enduring many hardships and obstacles. The reason most never see their dreams for God come to fruition is because they are not willing to fight for their dreams when opposition comes. A dream for God will never come without a fierce spiritual fight.

Joseph’s dream was attacked by doubters who said he was crazy and doubted it would ever happen. He saw his dream attacked by those trying to destroy him when his own brothers sold him into slavery. There were detours, deceivers, and even dungeons on the way to seeing his dream fulfilled. Joseph never lost sight of his dream even when the harshest opposition came. What will keep you from seeing the dream fulfilled that God put in your heart?

What dream has God put in your heart for Him? Are your dreams from God? We need another generation willing to step out in faith trusting God for great things. We need another generation who will dare to dream big for God!

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